About the Alliance

We are an alliance of like-minded business schools who share a vision that online learning should have the same transformational impact as the very best face-to-face courses.

We are a productive and vibrant partnership with global reach, pooling resources, knowledge, expertise, co-developing new pedagogies and collaborating on programmes.  The output of our collaboration will be new knowledge, pedagogical models, technologies consistent with our vision and a range of innovative, high quality online courses and degree programmes.

Our project is powered by a shared learning experience platform.  One platform will provide a common standard enabling new technologies and pedagogies to be shared across our alliance.   We imagine innovative and exciting opportunities for collaboration on academic programmes as the platform develops.

We envision our alliance acting as a catalyst for extraordinary innovation and an enabler of digital transformation at each of our schools.

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Partners of the Alliance

Our shared vision:
  • We believe that online education can be very high quality and transformational for participants.
  • We believe that learning is a human process and prioritise people over technology.
  • We aim to enable our partner institutions to deliver courses that students love and teachers love to teach.

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